MIWE Precision work Company , founded in 1996, an ordinary OEM, mainly machines mechanical parts,ship parts and auto parts.

Traditional machines have gradually evolved into CNC machines nowadys.


Owing to influence from the environment and labor over the years, we get to understand that the traditional industry has to be

upgraded to catch up with the trends. Therefore, we've worked hard to develop new products to lower the cost and save manpower.


New items were developed in 2015-modular hydraulic fixture. In order to lower  the cost snd save manpower , we changed the 

fixture to hydraulic system. Different fro the ordinary  hydraulic fixture that can't be applied widely to all kinds of products, ours can 

be used for producing different products by changing the foundation base plate to change the fixture, which saves manpower and

time. We make the best use of hydraulic fixture and enhance the capacity & quality of CNC machining as well as reduce the cost.


We obtained the patent of our modular hydraulic fixture in 2015 and got the highest level (level 6) of  technical report in 2016.

More products will be developed in the future to upgrade the machining industry in the future and stride into Industry 4.0..